Dawn of the Wretched

by Hybrid Warfare

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released September 16, 2016

Recorded by Slan & Pames
Mixed and mastered by Pames



all rights reserved


Hybrid Warfare Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Guilty Conscience
We are all to blame
The blood is on our hands
There is nothing to be done
There is no turning back

You can say that you're removed
And try to set yourself apart
It's just empty fucking words
You're no different

You say you're removed
But still line their pockets
Track Name: False Salvation
Opiates are the religion of the masses
A toxic dogma
Living like the walking dead
Numb to your existence
Numb to your life
Trapped in a haze

Pray for a way out

Have you found happiness?
Have you found your escape?
Does your life have meaning?
Have your prayers been answered?

Fall to your knees
Bow to your false God
Track Name: Wolf Wits
Lurking in the shadows
Darkness conceals your bared fangs
You sent us sheep, and think we're fools
You made us sheep...we are fooled

To defeat a wolf, you must become a wolf
Sink your fucking teeth in
Claw your way to salvation

We will fucking sniff you out

Thousands will rise in vengeance
You cannot hide any longer
Track Name: Hybrid Warfare
Control information
Demonize dissent

There is no real truth

We are being lied to
Track Name: The End
Post apocalyptic visions of a dead world
Cities underwater, rooftops burning fiercely
This is our legacy
This is our creation
Building just to destroy
Breeding just to die

In one horrid moment, we see mass extinction
One wretched mind can choose to kill us all

"How will they calculate the loss when the bombs have fallen?
They won't"
Track Name: Death Squad
Absolute authority
Fuck your job, fuck your badge
Justified violence
Fuck your job, fuck your badge

It's not just a job
It's a fucking death squad
You serve those who control
And profit from so-called justice

A trail of money follows a trail of bodies
Their lives have served to uphold
So-called justice

Fuck you
Track Name: Identity Crisis
You are all alone
Fighting to survive
Be lucky you're alive
You are just a number

You will die alone
Nobody can save you
There is no community
You will be forgotten

Rat race society
Loss of humanity
With no common identity

We have been torn apart
We live in violation
We have lost our spirit
We have lost our way
We will be forgotten
And die alone
Track Name: Divine Justice
There will be
No exceptions
No tolerance
No excuses
For the endless slaughter

Your self righteous indifference to information
You say it's your choice
When you fucking know your choice is murder

You choose to kill
You will pay

Let the rains fall down and wash away this human filth